Starting Over


I woke up this morning to find that my blogspot blog had been deleted due to SPAM. I didn’t intentionally do any spamming and they don’t give you a chance to plead your case or chastise you or even warn you–everything is just gone. I know this has happened to other people but since I just barely started blogging in January, I figured I would have some time to switch over to something else. That time came today!

My only consolation is that I didn’t lose years and years of posts. I’ll be working on getting my new address out and, still being new to the blogging world, don’t understand exactly what happened but I’m glad to be part of the WordPress family. It looks to be a better fit for me in the long run. I hope you’ll join me and be patient as I figure out what I’m doing (again)!


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    • I wish I was kidding! I know people who have been on blogspot for years and never had an issue, so I really thought I’d be okay for a while.

  1. Wow. I’ve been working on starting up a collaborative blog (I think I told you about that). But maybe I’ll start it on WordPress instead. That’s scary!

    • You should still be okay to do that on Blogger. I think I figured out what my issue is and you shouldn’t have the same one. (I would post a lot of links to free ebooks on Amazon in the same post and Blogger doesn’t seem to like a lot of links referring back to the same website. WordPress may actually be the same, too. Anyway, I’m not doing that anymore and my blog appears to be fine now.)

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